Rosthwaite Farm offers a range of advanced coaching services – James and Elliott both have expertise in coaching students to the highest level with great success over the last 5 years. Both are Level 2 coaches with a methodical approach and a big emphasis on building confidence between horse and rider.
Elliott and James are passionate about their student’s success both at home and at competitions. They are able to manage competition planning and training of both horse and rider. James and Elliott are also able to source suitable horses Nationally and Internationally for students moving onto more advanced jumping horses which ensures the correct match for horse and rider and an enjoyable future in the sport.
More recently Rosthwaite Farm has started coaching the Frensham Equestrian Team at the farm two afternoons per week and at competitions with great success. Many riders have come along quickly from beginners to competent riders who are able to compete at local and Interschool competitions. Please contact James at  Rosthwaite Farm on 0450 218 432 with any enquiries or to come out and have a look at the farm.


Some of our wonderful students