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The Riders


James Arkins

Rosthwaite Farm Manager, Rider and Trainer

James Arkins is one of Australia’s leading Showjumping riders. James is head trainer and manager at Rosthwaite Farm. In 2016, he was shortlisted for the Rio Olympics and has competed with great success on the international showjumping scene. James is passionate about share the wealth of his knowledge and experience to students. James has coached junior and amateur riders to the highest level of showjumping although his lessons caters to students of all ages and experience.

History: James grew up in the eastern suburbs of Sydney with not a lot of exposure to horses. It wasn’t until his mother took him for a trail ride at Malabar Riding School that he fell in love with horses. After that, there was no stopping him, much to his parent’s dismay! After a lot of convincing, James finally managed to get his parents to buy him his first horse. This horse was to be named ‘Dreamtime Invader’ ‘aka’ Todd. Todd was purchased for a grand total of $2500. James hated him to begin with but was happy just to have a horse. Soon the two built an unstoppable partnership. With James’ persistent training Todd became a champion and took James to success from Interschool competitions through to World Cup level as well as an international campaign. James would say “I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Todd”


Elliott Reeves

Showjumping Rider, Trainer and Coach.

Elliott recently hopped the pond over to Australia from England to continue his showjumping career by taking advantage of our lovely climate. Elliott has competed internationally up to 1.50m level at some of the nicest shows England has to offer. One of his best results would have to be clear and 6th in the 4* Hickstead speed derby and still holds the title for being the youngest ever clear round.

Elliott’s first encounter with horses was at the young age of 5 when his mother Veronica took him to riding lessons in the beautiful area of East-Sussex in the UK. Veronica always had a love of horses but didn’t quite realise what she was in for when she first signed Elliott up for lessons! He was loaned his first horse at the age of ten. This experience taught him how to deal with very difficult yet talented ponies. Over the years, Elliott progressed and the time came to make the step and buy a horse. He got very lucky with an ‘average horse’ who just so happened to turn out to be a very talented and successful ride, which Elliott made his debut in the 1.50m classes! Elliott has worked for and trained with some of the best riders in the world, such as William and Pippa Funnell, where he picked up a huge amount of knowledge and experience producing and training young horses.

Moss Vale Riding School

Shelley Allen

Shelley Allen – Riding School Manager, Marketing Specialist 

Shelley is an internationally qualified coach, who brings with her a wealth of experience. She also holds a masters in Marketing. Growing up in Ireland, Shelley was continually surrounded by horses and was lucky enough to spend some time riding and training with some of Ireland’s top showjumping coaches. Shelley has 6 years of coaching experience, coaching riders of all abilities, from beginners through to regular competitors. Her passion is showjumping, and she has competed with success up to 1.30m level on both ponies and horses. 

Shelley was born into a horse loving family, so naturally a career with horses was not surprising. She was very competitive from a young age and always strived to learn more and do well. When she was nineteen she established her own coaching business in Ireland, and ran this alongside the family’s agistment and training business. Shelley decided to move to Sydney in early 2019 to allow her to explore other opportunities in life. Of course, horses followed her and she began working as a coach for Eastside Riding Academy in Centennial Park. 

Shelley stumbled upon Rosthwaite Farm accidentally in June 2019. She sent an email looking for work and was then contacted by James who offered her a managerial position in the riding school, as well as managing the marketing of Rosthwaite Farm. She says that she is incredibly lucky to have such a fulfilling job and one that allows her to work with such a great team of like-minded people. 

The Grooms – Past and Present

Meike Naujoks

Found by coincidence through our former groom Chloe, she had no intention of finding a grooming job abroad. We were lucky enough that Meike’s love for travelling, exploring new places and horses made her decide to leave her home in Germany and come to work in Australia for half a year. More than a year later now Meike is a solid member of the Rosthwaite Farm team.
With years of experience in showjumping. She first starting working for a successful national show jumper close by her school when she was fourteen, this ended with a year of traveling to shows in Europe with an international show jumper and even spending a few months in America, she handles our lovely team of show jumpers with ease. And you know what they say about Germans: efficient, organised, hard working and pure perfectionists..
Meike serves all these stereotypes which makes her a perfect fit.

Chole Spencer

Maybe You?

2nd Year Working Holiday Visa’s, Grooms and Riders – Do you think you have what it takes to join the Rosthwaite team? Scroll down to see what positions we have available.

The Biggest Supporters

Michelle Arkins

Accounts and Administration

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Peter Arkins

General Manager

With 35 years of accounting and banking skills, Peter is responsible for managing financial decisions that take place at Rosthwaite Farm, including funding and procurement. As a hobby farmer, he spends most of his weekends attending to the maintenance demands around the property. This extends to building projects, landscaping and gardening, fencing and pasture maintenance.



We are lucky enough to be within the 2nd Year Working Holiday Visa zone. We often take individuals and couples with the following skills set(s). Feel free to send us an email if you fit the following criteria.

  • Experienced with horses
  • Experience with property maintenance
  • Good organisational skills
  • A great attitude

We are always on the lookout for grooms to join our ever growing show team. Feel free to send us an email if you fit the following criteria.

  • Experienced
  • Self-motivated and able to work as part of a small team
  • Confident handling young horses and fit performance horses
  • Ability to turn a horse out to the highest standard
  • Good organisational skills
  • A great attitude

Occasionally we have placement for a young horse rider. Send us an email if you have the following experience:

  • Handling young stock
  • Breaking in performance horses
  • Working with and handling stallions
  • Empathy
  • Ability to work in a team under the guidance of head riders